Police Call Log

Date Street Name Closest Intersection Call Type Incident Number CFS Dispo
2/21/2024 11:50:06 AM S MINNESOTA AVE S MINNESOTA AVE and W ANCHOR LN Shoplifter in Custody CFS24-034716
2/21/2024 11:47:45 AM S PHILLIPS AVE S PHILLIPS AVE and W 12TH ST Structure Fire CFS24-034715
2/21/2024 11:41:07 AM E 10TH ST E 10TH ST and N CONKLIN AVE Burglary Alarm CFS24-034711 AUNF
2/21/2024 11:28:39 AM W 4TH ST W 4TH ST and N MINNESOTA AVE Assist Other Agency CFS24-034703
2/21/2024 11:17:07 AM W 59TH ST Accident CFS24-034698
2/21/2024 11:02:11 AM N LINCOLN AVE N LINCOLN AVE and W BAILEY ST Assist Other Agency CFS24-034686
2/21/2024 10:54:17 AM S KATIE AVE W WISEMAN CIR and S HARALDSON AVE Funeral Escort CFS24-034677 NAT
2/21/2024 10:46:54 AM S REID ST S REID ST and E 10TH ST Found Property CFS24-034672 NAT
2/21/2024 10:40:02 AM W 12TH ST W 12TH ST and S SERTOMA AVE 44 CFS24-034670 CITE
2/21/2024 10:39:03 AM W 41ST ST W 41ST ST and S OLLERICH FIELDS AVE Check Wellbeing CFS24-034669 NAT
2/21/2024 10:32:45 AM W COTTAGE TRL W COTTAGE TRL and W ROYAL ST Follow Up CFS24-034667 SR
2/21/2024 10:30:55 AM S BAHNSON AVE S BAHNSON AVE and E 16TH ST Funeral Escort CFS24-034665 NAT
2/21/2024 10:26:21 AM N 4TH AVE N 4TH AVE and E 40TH ST N Open Line Wireless CFS24-034662 UTL
2/21/2024 10:15:39 AM S KIWANIS AVE S KIWANIS AVE and W 18TH ST 44 CFS24-034656 CITE
2/21/2024 10:06:20 AM N LEWIS AVE N LEWIS AVE and E 3RD ST Veh Loaned/Not Retd CFS24-034650 CR
2/21/2024 10:05:46 AM N WEBER AVE N WEBER AVE and E 7TH ST Unconsc/Faint P3 CFS24-034649 NAT
2/21/2024 10:00:11 AM W 23RD ST 44 CFS24-034645 CITE
2/21/2024 9:59:13 AM W CAREER CIR N CAREER AVE and W RESEARCH DR Private Property Accident CFS24-034644 NAT
2/21/2024 9:37:57 AM E 10TH ST E 10TH ST and S CLIFF AVE Disorderly Subjects CFS24-034639 NAT
2/21/2024 9:35:00 AM S SIX MILE RD Illegal Dumping CFS24-034638 CR
2/21/2024 9:23:46 AM E 10TH ST E 10TH ST and S CLIFF AVE Man Down CFS24-034635 NAT
2/21/2024 9:20:25 AM N WEST AVE N WEST AVE and W 7TH ST Disorderly Subjects CFS24-034632 CR
2/21/2024 8:57:46 AM E 26TH ST E 26TH ST and S VILLAGE SQUARE CIR Family Dispute CFS24-034623 CR
2/21/2024 8:57:29 AM W 49TH ST Accident CFS24-034622 ACCR
2/21/2024 8:51:38 AM S LARCH AVE S LARCH AVE and W 43RD ST Protection Order Violation CFS24-034619 CR