Police Call Log

Date Street Name Closest Intersection Call Type Incident Number CFS Dispo
7/22/2024 11:27:35 AM W 69TH ST S REMINGTON PL and S WESTERN AVE 911 Hang Up Landline/BUSN/VOIP CFS24-149614 NAT
7/22/2024 11:27:25 AM S KIWANIS AVE S KIWANIS AVE and W 15TH ST Hit & Run CFS24-149613
7/22/2024 11:23:32 AM W 41ST ST W EMPIRE PL and W 49TH ST Lost Property CFS24-149609 CR
7/22/2024 11:22:43 AM W 86TH ST S DAKOTA HAWK PL and W 86TH ST Structure Fire CFS24-149608
7/22/2024 11:21:15 AM E 10TH ST E 10TH ST and S LEWIS AVE Family Dispute CFS24-149604
7/22/2024 11:20:02 AM W BAILEY ST W BAILEY ST and N COVELL AVE Man Down CFS24-149601
7/22/2024 11:14:07 AM E 26TH ST S SOUTHEASTERN AVE and E KLONDIKE TRL Disorderly Subjects CFS24-149595
7/22/2024 11:00:17 AM W COSTELLO RD Accident CFS24-149587
7/22/2024 10:57:46 AM 43.546703, -96.694433 E 10TH ST and I 229 Man Down CFS24-149586
7/22/2024 10:57:37 AM E 63RD ST Accident CFS24-149585
7/22/2024 10:56:59 AM S GRAYSTONE AVE E 61ST ST and S SEVILLE PL Larceny CFS24-149584 CR
7/22/2024 10:55:45 AM S MARION RD S MARION RD and W 61ST ST Larceny CFS24-149582 CR
7/22/2024 10:49:15 AM S LOUISE AVE S WESTPORT AVE and S GOLDEN CREEK PL Accident CFS24-149576 NAT
7/22/2024 10:36:39 AM W TANAGER PL W TANAGER PL and N RAVEN PL Check Security CFS24-149572 NAT
7/22/2024 10:35:39 AM S CLIFF AVE S CLIFF AVE and E 20TH ST Animal Wellbeing CFS24-149570
7/22/2024 10:31:07 AM E 18TH ST Disorderly Subjects CFS24-149565 NAT
7/22/2024 10:24:30 AM W 20TH ST W 20TH ST and S DULUTH AVE Gas Leak CFS24-149560
7/22/2024 10:23:35 AM E 10TH ST S FRANKLIN AVE and E 10TH ST Runaway CFS24-149556
7/22/2024 10:20:45 AM S PRAIRIE AVE S PRAIRIE AVE and W 39TH ST Suspicious Subject CFS24-149555 NAT
7/22/2024 10:11:22 AM E 40TH ST E 40TH ST and S COPPER FORGE AVE Abandoned Vehicles CFS24-149546 CITE
7/22/2024 10:06:22 AM S 8TH AVE S FRANKLIN AVE and E 10TH ST Assist Other Agency CFS24-149542 PARKS
7/22/2024 9:58:44 AM S GATEWAY BLVD S GATEWAY BLVD and S GATEWAY LN Assault CFS24-149538
7/22/2024 9:58:17 AM S MAIN AVE S MAIN AVE and W 11TH ST 911 Hang Up Landline/BUSN/VOIP CFS24-149537 NAT
7/22/2024 9:54:15 AM E 18TH ST Man Down CFS24-149536 NAT
7/22/2024 9:53:21 AM E 57TH ST E 57TH ST and S GRAYSTONE AVE Fraud CFS24-149535 CR