Police Call Log

Date Street Name Closest Intersection Call Type Incident Number CFS Dispo
6/12/2024 1:07:29 PM W 4TH ST W 4TH ST and N MINNESOTA AVE Sex Offenses CFS24-117529 CR
6/12/2024 1:06:04 PM W 81ST ST W 81ST ST and S LYNCREST PL Abandoned Vehicles CFS24-117528
6/12/2024 12:47:45 PM W 23RD ST Check Wellbeing CFS24-117520
6/12/2024 12:44:07 PM S BEAL AVE S BEAL AVE and W 77TH ST Family Dispute CFS24-117517
6/12/2024 12:34:27 PM W BAILEY ST W BAILEY ST and N DAKOTA AVE Abandoned Vehicles CFS24-117511 NAT
6/12/2024 12:30:52 PM W 4TH ST W 4TH ST and N MINNESOTA AVE PD Landline CFS24-117507
6/12/2024 12:28:41 PM W 18TH ST Injury Accident P3 + Fire CFS24-117506
6/12/2024 12:26:48 PM E 33RD ST 44 CFS24-117504 CITE
6/12/2024 12:24:45 PM W 12TH ST 44 CFS24-117502 CITE
6/12/2024 12:24:36 PM E 14TH ST E 14TH ST and S CLIFF AVE DWI CFS24-117501
6/12/2024 12:19:50 PM E 57TH ST Assist Detectives CFS24-117497
6/12/2024 12:16:52 PM S SHIRLEY AVE Hit & Run CFS24-117495
6/12/2024 12:12:56 PM S BLAUVELT AVE S BLAUVELT AVE and E NYE ST Check Security CFS24-117490 NAT
6/12/2024 12:09:43 PM W 12TH ST 44 CFS24-117486 CITE
6/12/2024 12:07:10 PM W 53RD ST W 53RD ST and S DREXEL DR Sick Person P3 CFS24-117485 NAT
6/12/2024 12:00:56 PM W 8TH ST Accident CFS24-117483 NAT
6/12/2024 12:00:27 PM S LOUISE AVE S LOUISE AVE and W EMPIRE PL Man Down CFS24-117482 NAT
6/12/2024 11:47:12 AM S NORTON AVE S NORTON AVE and W 37TH ST Assist Other Agency CFS24-117476 NAT
6/12/2024 11:47:03 AM W 8TH ST 44 CFS24-117475 CITE
6/12/2024 11:42:24 AM N D AVE N D AVE and W DELAWARE ST Stolen Vehicle CFS24-117473
6/12/2024 11:36:40 AM W 41ST ST Traffic Hazard CFS24-117469 NAT
6/12/2024 11:27:22 AM S CLIFF AVE E 23RD ST and S 8TH AVE 911 Hang Up Landline/BUSN/VOIP CFS24-117467 NAT
6/12/2024 11:26:58 AM W 6TH ST 44 CFS24-117466 CITE
6/12/2024 11:18:44 AM W 12TH ST W 12TH ST and S WEST AVE Suspicious Vehicle CFS24-117463 NAT
6/12/2024 11:14:57 AM W 6TH ST 44 CFS24-117461 CITE